Home Based Exercise Equipment to Lose Weight and Tone Body

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The experts have put the knowledge of experienced health and technical professionals into the products that keep the heath and fitness of a person at par. A product that could change your health, fitness and lifestyle. We all have heard about equipment, machines and their training. You use a vibration plate to perform different exercises. Various positions and moves are adjusted on the plate to tone various sections of the body individually or in a group. If you are obese these machines help a lot in burning calories apart from increasing balance and muscle tone.

How it works

You Can Simply Start by stepping onto the platform, while the machine is off, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on the support rails then turn the machine on and set up the vibration level you want to use. For those who want the massaging benefits of the machine, a low level of vibration is recommended. Also, if you are new to the vibration plate and just starting to explore all of its features, a low level vibration is best.

Once you've become more familiar with it, a medium vibration level will burn fat and provide some light strength training. A higher level of vibration will provide much more muscle strengthening and toning.


1.Reduce / eliminate back and joint pain
2.Improve muscle strength and power
3.Increase joint motion
4.Increase muscle tone & muscle mass
5.Stimulate bone cells
6.Increase flexibility & co-ordination
7.Improve circulation
8.Strengthen pelvic floor muscles
9.Improve balance & decrease risk of falling
10.Improve core stability
11.Increase metabolism and accelerate weight loss
12.Incease tendon strength

The whole concept is of losing weight and getting into shape simply by standing on these plate.The way of standing, sitting or lying on something that effectively does the exercise for you is every dieter's dream. It creates an unstable environment in the body that causes your brain and muscles to work together to stabilize yourself on the moving surface. Vibration plate is a key tool for improving fitness and performance in individuals.

Source by Sanjana Sharma